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What to Do When You're Running Bad at Poker Tables (Poker Strategy Articles)

by Admin ⌂, USA, Thursday, August 23, 2012, 18:54 (2037 days ago)

What to Do When You're Running Bad at the Holdem Tables

Running bad can be devastating, not only to your bankroll but also to your ego. So you always need to remember that poker is a game of not only skill and patience, but also luck. Many seasoned players find themselves on losing streaks, playing many hours, days, even weeks and months, with no change. But that's the nature of poker, and you need to be able to deal with the bad times as well as the good times.

What should I do when I think I'm beat but could have the winner?

If you have second or third nut and the pot odds are in your favor — meaning that you can win at least three times more than what the bet will cost you — try to represent your hand as being strong and bet quickly. If you are re-raised you'll know where you stand.

Truthfully, there are some valid reasons to quit, the main ones being losing consistently over several years, not improving, and/or not enjoying yourself. You don't play poker to lose, but you don't have to give up. You can fight it. You start by asking some tough questions. Chief among them is whether you are playing just to be in action. Do you totally understand the game? Are you playing with scared money? Are you overrating your skills? Are the other players too skilled? Does it seem like other players always know your hand? Answering these questions might be the first step toward turning things around.

Every poker player goes through tough times. You will have winning streaks, but you will also have losing streaks. Following are a few tips to help soothe your soul as you go through a bad spell....

Evaluate your game to see if there is something you should be doing or changing to improve your end results.

Consider taking a few days or weeks off. Sometimes a time out from the game is just what you need to recharge your batteries and hone your skills.

If you have been playing multiple tables, stop and put all your attention on one game at a time.

Play in the play-money games for a while to give yourself time to assess your game play without it costing you a fortune.

Observe and take notes on the games and limits you enjoy playing in to put yourself ahead of your opponents when you come up against them in the future.

Try not to dwell on your bad beats. Figure out what you did wrong, if anything, then work at not repeating it.


Play in lower limit games and set a daily time and dollar limit for yourself that you can stay true to.

If you just have to play, consider the low-limit buy-in tournaments and the play-money tournaments until your game is back on track.

If you know before you start that you should never try to get back to even in any one poker session, you will be doing yourself, and your bankroll, a favor over the long run. Otherwise, you could be putting yourself at risk of going on a tilt that may be very hard to overcome. Just remember, there's always tomorrow. The more skilled you become, the more money (and fun) will flow your way. Get Top Online Poker Bonuses, including Poker Bonuses for USA Poker players.

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What to Do When You're Running Bad at Poker Tables

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What to Do When You're Running Bad at Poker Tables

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You gotta know when to take breaks...Thats all I can say!


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