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Top PLO Poker Books to Improve Game (Other Poker Games)

by iraiseUfold, Thursday, August 30, 2012, 08:21 (2065 days ago)

While there are numerous lists covering the best poker books, and the best Holdem Bonus books, very little attention has been given to Pot Limit Omaha (PLO), both in terms of the amount of written content covering the topic as well as the publicity these books receive.

Considering PLO’s current rise as the second most popular form of poker -and also one of my two favorites along with Limit Omaha 8-I thought I would go over my list for the Five Best PLO Poker Books.

Beginner Books:

Pot Limit Omaha Poker by Jeff Hwang

This is probably the best book for a player looking for the basic strategies of the game as Hwang details virtually all of the important PLO concepts out there, from counting outs -which is a lot more complex than in NLHE-to drawing to non-nut hands and so forth. This should be the first PLO book any player reads.

Secrets of Professional Pot Limit Omaha by Rolf Slotboom

In this book Slotboom goes over the basics of the game -without getting too basic-and then outlines the approach that made him one of the top PLO players in Europe long before PLO was a fashionable poker game. Most of the book focuses on Slotboom’s short-stack approach to the game, and details the best seat to have and the type of game you want to be in.

Advanced Books:

Secrets of Short-Handed Pot Limit Omaha by Rolf Slotboom and Rob Hollink

Slotboom teamed up with fellow Euro PLO player Rob Hollink to offer more advanced strategies and a more in depth look at the en vogue short-handed PLO games, than the basic short-stacking guide he offered up in his first PLO book Secrets of Professional Pot Limit Omaha.

Advanced Pot Limit Omaha: Small Ball and Short-Handed Play by Jeff Hwang

Hwang’s second PLO book deals more with advanced strategies and playing in short-handed games. The main emphasis in this book is how to play in heads-up pots, and how to properly float and win the pot when nobody has flopped overly well -the exact opposite of a loose/passive full ring game.

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The Pot-Limit Omaha Book: Transitioning From NLHE to PLO by Tri Nguyen

Tri Nguyen’s PLO book comes with a near $200 price-tag (around $150 if you buy it on Amazon) but considering he has also co-authored an $1,850 Poker E-Book, Let There be Range with Cole “CTS” South this shouldn’t be as jaw-dropping as some would think!

Tri “SlowHabit” Nguyen is not only one of the top online poker players out there, he is also considered one of the best poker minds around, so the price-tag shouldn’t really be that off-putting for players looking to become serious winners at the poker tables.

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