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by iraiseUfold, Monday, August 27, 2012, 07:15 (2068 days ago)

A friend who I know on Facebook recently asked me “I see you play online poker for real money. I play a lot on Zynga and do pretty well. What advice would you give if I were to deposit some money and play on a real site?” Although I don’t know him that well, I’ve been around the online poker scene for a few years and I wanted to give him some good advice. As I started to prepare my answer, I realized my time spent on the advice could be of value to others as well and that is the genesis of this posting in the forums.

I’ve always been a fan of playing Texas Holdem for real money poker for a number of reasons:

a)Play whenever you want as poker room action is always running with players from around the world.

b)Play wherever you have Internet access whether it’s at home, work or traveling.

c)Play whatever level you can afford. So you aren’t forced to play above what you are willing to risk with limits as little as .01-.02 (micro limits all the way up to high stakes available)

d)You have a wide variety of poker games to choose from like NLHE, LHE, Stud, PLO, Razz, HORSE etc. especially at bovada poker, they have all the variants.

e)Within each particular poker game, you can play many different formats like Tournaments, SNG’s and Cash or Heads-up, at a 6 max or full ring table. For tournament poker I always recommend: Carbon Poker

f)You can use disciplined table and seat selection to ensure as much advantage as possible.

g)Playing for real money imposes a proper measuring stick for your performance against players who want to take the game more seriously.

h)Play money poker will always attract a mix of lesser experienced players who rely more on the luck than skill elements of the game. If you are going to invest your time in a game, why not see a payoff for your time and hoped for skill advantage.

Additionally, there are so many advantages of online poker over playing live poker. You can play more hands per hour, multi-tabling to your comfort level. You don’t have to worry about travel time and expense or dealing with smoky casinos and annoying people. You don’t have to worry about tipping dealers and your overall rake paid to play is less.

Having made the decision to play real money Texas Holdem, the next important decision becomes where to play? For the most part, there is alot of trusted poker rooms and casinos at: PokerBonusListings its been around for more then 10 years and they update their site frequently, so I told him to go there, there is valid casino bonuses also.


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