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Best Time To Play Online Poker? (Online Poker Discussions)

by iraiseUfold, Friday, August 24, 2012, 00:24 (2071 days ago)

Online Poker traffic is cyclical. There are more poker players online at certain times of the day than others. This has to do with when certain parts of the world’s population is home and available (and likely) to play Poker Online. The most players can be found online during the afternoon / early evening in America..

There are a lot of players online, but is this the best time to play Online Poker?

Why Are There More Online Poker Players At Certain Times?

The Best Time Of The Day To Play Online Poker? The peak number of poker players online occurs at about 5:005:30pm EST (Detroit time) which is about when many people on the east coast are arriving home from work, etc. This is also about 10:30 to midnight in most of Western Europe, meaning that a lot of Europeans are still relaxing by playing texas holdem before turning in to get some rest.

This also explains the slow gradual rise from the lowest point to the peak at 5:30 EST. As people wake up in America and start to get home from work in Eastern Europe, more people log in to their favorite Online Poker room. More time zones wake up / get home from Eastern Europe to Western Europe to the U.S. until all of these time zones are playing poker at the same time.

The lowest points are in the middle of the night USA time around 3-7am east coast time. This is also the middle of the work day in Europe meaning that much of the poker playing world is either asleep or at work during these hours.

Does More Poker Players Mean Better Games?

The logical answer would be that the more players online, the better the games would be. This question can be looked at one of two ways:

1. More poker players means more poker games, means better table selection. This is true, but you need to know how to effectively choose the softest Online Poker games. Most good players (pros) blindly assume that the more players online, the better the games are. This means that when there are more total players online, there are also a lot more sharks prowling the waters.

For more experienced players, playing during peak hours is an excellent option on larger poker sites. Keep in mind that many smaller networks grind to a halt during off peak hours. If you are comfortable with table selection and feel that you are generally one of the strongest players when you sit down at a poker table, then play when the most poker players are online.

Many smaller poker rooms only run a decent amount of tables during peak hours when the most players are online. This is important because a lot of smaller poker rooms / networks are where you will find the weakest competition. If you want to play at a small room like Americas Cardroom or Carbon Poker, then you should play during peak hours when you will find the most games running.

2. Off peak times mean that most strong players are asleep or waiting until peak times to play. I recommend that newer or beginner players play during off peak hours if possible. This is because you will generally be playing against the Eastern part of the world. I’m not putting down any particular region’s poker playing skill, but generally America and Western Europe are a step ahead of Eastern Europe and Asian / Australian online poker players when it come to the percentage of skilled poker players.

If you are going to play at off peak hours, you are going to have to play at one of the bigger poker sites like Bovada Poker, Party Poker, or Carbon Poker to ensure that a decent amount of poker games will be running at the limits you play. You are also going to have to be very dedicated and play at odd hours unless you are from the Near to Far East.

When playing during off peak times, you will notice a higher percentage of ‘bad’ players will be playing, along with the luckiest catch of all — the ‘Drunk Player’. You will especially find Drunk Player online on the weekends late at night after coming home from a long night at the pub to log in and blow a bunch of money, this is the best time to play poker if you ask me. If you know how to pick off super aggressive players, then you can make a killing against these guys and start really making good money playing Texas Holdem!

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